Welcome to DJ Music Tech!

Hello Interwebs! Welcome to DJ Music Tech.

For my first post, let me introduce myself a bit. My name is Scott Beach and I am a 37 year-old technology executive and music addict.


While in high school In 1993, I took a job as a DJ for a classmate who ran a small event production firm. Our clients were schools, weddings, festivals and corporate events… if you needed lights or sound, we were your guys (and we were cheap). Before each gig, I would drop by our office and cram speakers, stands, a rig coffin and cabling into the back of my ’82 Mazda RX7 Tetris-style. Every Friday night for two years I worked the local ice rink, playing the latest pop and rock tunes, taking requests and honing my skills. While I’d like to say I was swimming in groupies, that would be stretching the truth, even for me. Regardless, I learned a lot about sound, about gear and most importantly about working a crowd. While most of my time is now spent at my day job selling IT services, my nights are spent feeding the music beast.

My musical leanings are toward electronic and house music but my tastes are broad, incorporating everything from hip-hop to indie and beyond. I love well produced sound, period!

So let’s talk technology:

  • DAWs: FL Studio 11 (64 bit) and Apple Logic Pro
  • Laptops: Lenovo Yoga 13 (BEAUTY AND A BEAST), MacBook Pro 13
  • DJ Software: Traktor and Smithson Martin Emulator Pro
  • Controllers: Native Instruments Traktor S2 and X1 Mk2; Numark iDJ Pro
  • Midi: M-Audio Oxygen II 49-key, Akai MPK Mini traveling keyboard
  • Studio Audio: KRK Rokit 5s in sweet antique gold
  • Headphones: Sol Republic Tracks HD 10s, Monster DNA buds
  • iPad and Mobile Software: Traktor DJ, DJay2 for iPad, DJPlayer for iPad, TouchOSC, Lemur
  • Other Production Software: Flow 2 by MixedinKey, MixMeister Studio, BeaTunes, BeatportPro

The Beach Studio

This blog will be where I provide my thoughts on new products and technology, share some music and hopefully build a community aligned toward the advancement of quality sound.

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