Introducing the Coldwar Monday Morning Mixtape Series

A DJ music and technology blog would be incomplete without some tunes. So here’s a side project I’ve been involved in for the last year, my Monday Morning Mixtape series! I don’t know about you, but for me, Mondays just plain suck. When I’m sitting in Charlotte traffic or waiting on the tarmac for take-off, I need some music to get a jumpstart on the week. So for the betterment of humanity, I publish a mixtape every other Monday with differing genres or emphasis depending upon my mood, what I’m listening too and what I like. I’m in charge, so I make the rules!! Enjoy my mixtape series, I sure do:

DJs: I create this mixtapes using some really versatile software from Numark’s Mixmeister software division. Mixmeister Studio 7.6 is available in different levels depending upon the amount of control and customization you need. I use this as a starter and then get pretty deep into slicing, sequencing and mastering of the mix. I like the balance of speed and quality that it affords me in my process.

Mixmeister Studio 7.6 Overview

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