Coldwar Sessions 14: TechHouse

Those of you who know the Charlotte electronic music scene know that we’ve struggled with variety. We have one primary club, Label, and it is your classic Vegas wanna-be scene with white-leather VIP booths and bottle service. Down on the floor, a core group of college kids make it out to every Friday night EDM show and get out of their minds, generally with “help” from the local dealer. Unfortunately, not many people are there for the music… they can rage but don’t fully understand and appreciate the genre.

So imagine how excited I was when a new promoter called Aurora Music started up in town with the mission of bringing underground house and techno to town. It’s like a rainstorm after a long drought!!! First on the list was the amazing Harvard Bass. I’ve been following this San Diego native’s fun, dirty house/techno sound for YEARS. Great long bass-lines carry across his sets with fun house vocals, spoken words and attitude.

In the weeks leading up to the show, I poured through the sub-genre, looking for the best tracks and sounds to build a late night party. Artists like Green Velvet, Sluggers, Eats Everything and CID are destroying the dancefloor with this thick, deep, funk-filled sound. In particular, look for Gene Ferris’ groovalicious “Dance it Out” and Tom Zanetti’s sexy track, “Darlin”. I hope you enjoy! More to come.

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